Overheating Marcellus Shale drill rig radiator

  • Category: Gas & Oil
  • Location: Northern Pennsylvania
  • Duration: Two days
  • Scope of work: Transportation, cleaning and reassembly of overheating radiator

Overheating radiator on a horizontal drill rig

In February 2013 Segers's Industrial Radiator was asked for advice and suggestions on an overheating problem that occurred on a horizontal Marcellus Shale Drill Rig in Northern Pennsylvania.

The tech person told us the engine was overheating and they had tried about everything to solve the problem, without success.
They had tried changing the thermostat and the water pump.
Then they tried blade speed and fan pitch but the overheating problem kept reappearing.

Since they weren't able to solve the problem on their own, they contacted Segers's Industrial Radiator for any suggestions.

Seger's evaluation of the problem

We immediately sent our tech person on site to evaluate the problem. We shot the radiator with a temperature gun and discovered there was a wide temperature drop between inlet and outlet.

We believed it was a circulation problem so we removed the top tank and found that it was powder coated on the inside.
This was the reason why it was breaking away from the tank and plugging cores.

Our solution

After the problem was discovered we removed the radiator from gen-set with our 20 ton service truck and took it back to our facility by 6pm.

We immediately disassembled the unit, shot the tubes clean of powder coating and debris and removed the rest of powder coating from inside the tanks.

We reassembled the unit with new bolts and gaskets then pressure checked it to make sure it would work correctly.

The clean unit was loaded back onto the flat bed service truck by 7am the next morning.

The radiator was back on site and we installed it by 11am. Gen-set was back up and running by 4pm.

The overheating problem was solved with very little down time for the operation.

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