Overheating problem in underground radiator

  • Category: Industrial
  • Location: Williamsport, PA
  • Duration: Few days
  • Scope of work: Disassemble and reconstruct an old underground radiator

Severe overheating in emergency backup gen-set

The management of a federal building in Williamsport, PA contacted us regarding a severe overheating problem they were experiencing with their emergency backup gen-set.

We immediately went to the site to check out the problem and discovered three main issues:

  • the radiator was located 15 feet underground in the middle of a busy street with very small opening for intake air.
  • it was very old and in very poor conditions and this model was no longer in production
  • in order to access the radiator for repairs, the street would have to be blocked off for a period of time

Our solution: disassemble the radiator underground

To avoid these problems we decided to disassemble the old radiator underground and removed it in small sections so it would fit through the entry hole, avoiding the blocking of the street.

We ordered a new core and had to build new tanks.
We also had the unit E-Coated to protect it from the salt and debris being sucked in through the steel intake air inlet.

In a few days, the radiator was back on site.
The various sections and tanks were lowered back underground and the unit was reassembled.

Having the right equipment, knowledge and ability makes for a satisfied customer.

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