Tractor radiator overhaul

  • Category: Agriculture
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Duration: Few days
  • Scope of work: Radiator rebuilding, including tanks and side brackets

A completely ruined tractor radiator

Tom who is a master of old tractors came to us one day with a problem that he had not encountered before.
His radiator was completely ruined. Not just the core but the tanks also.

Tom could not find any aftermarket parts for this antique tractor so he brought the radiator to us.

After a few minutes of evaluating the problems we decided that Tom was going to need a completely rebuilt radiator including tanks and side brackets.

Our solution

We began duplicating his old tanks and side bracket immediately. After a few days the tanks were completed and the radiator core had arrived.

Just one more day and Tom would have himself a complete new radiator for the tractor. After assembling and painting the radiator we gave Tom a call and he came right over, his eyes lit up when he saw the new radiator assembly. It was the last part he needed to finish up his tractor.

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