About Us

How we started

My passion for radiators started in 1978, when I was 14 years old.
At that time, I worked repairing old radiators in my dad's shop. An opportunity came for me to go work for a while at Harrison Radiator, in Lockport, NY.
My uncle worked there and I spent several weeks learning how radiators were manufactured and repaired.

I became more and more proficient and was excited to go back home and show my dad my newly acquired skills.
After my dad saw I had become pretty good at repairing radiators he decided to have me work on all radiators that came into the shop. He quickly equipped the shop with new and different equipment for radiator repair.

I worked for my dad doing repairs on light and medium radiators until I was 20 years old. At that point I decided to go on my own and opened a shop in a different location.

Pennsylvania was in a coal boom at the time, so we worked mainly on heavy and industrial size radiators for the mining industry.

From then on, we specialized in repairing radiators and coolers for oil and gas drilling rigs throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Our team quickly grew and we accumulated many years of experience on a wide range of radiator repair and reconstruction for trucks, commercial and heavy duty equipment, and agricultural vehicles as well as oil drilling and mining.


Our large facility is conveniently located to have your work done quickly and efficiently.

We have plenty of room to work and repair your radiator.

We can provide radiator storage if needed and we take great pride in making sure your radiators are kept in a safe environment and away from damage. Our facility has its own water treatment system to help keep the environment, and our employees, safe.

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