DPF cleaning done the right way!

The Importance of DPF Cleaning

Proper DPF cleaning goes far beyond the "regen cycle" diesel vehicles are capable cf. And while the regeneration process is required, it will not eliminate ncnccmbustible elements trapped within the filter itself. Failure to properly clean these materials will eventually lead to performance Issues or long term engine damage.

And now with new equipment, we are able to properly clean oil or anitfreeze soaked DPF's.

Hours and Directions for Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance

Our DPF Cleaning Process

  • Pre-cleaning inspection for Internal or external defects.
  • Pre-cleaning weight documentation.
  • Pre-cleaning Inspector flow test.
  • Blowing cut cf filter elements trapped in filter prior to baking process. -12-hcur baking process with cool down phase.
  • Blowing cut cf filter elements turned to powder during baking process.
  • Post-cleaning Inspector flow test.
  • Post-cleaning weight documentation.
  • Compare post cleaning documentation to OE specs and pre-cleaning numbers.

Note: the blowing out processes is manually done in our DPF cleaning cabinet. This allows us to spend additional time in areas of the filter needing it most.

The Result of Seger's Industrial Radiator DPF Cleaning

  • Improved fuel economy, horsepower and performance.
  • Maximizing cleaning intervals with scheduled maintenance. - Increased DPF longevity.
  • Reduced vehicle downtime.
  • Lower overall maintenance and operating costs.
  • Improved bottom line.
  • A diesel particulate filter at "near new" condition.
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